Every October Digital Ocean hosts Hacktoberfest, a celebration of Open Source. This is an opprotunity to learn and explore open source projects, win a shirt, and just feel good about completing something. This year, as in the years past, the Developer Program team of ServiceNow are hosting some ServiceNow specific repos. There are two primary repos, Spokes and Components.

Whether you are looking to participate in Hacktoberfest 2020 or just want to learn how to build Now Components, the following is a collected list of of resources to help you get started…

If you’ve never heard of Now Components or the Now Experience, start with this introductory post on the ServiceNow Developer Blog: Now Experience

The Now Experience Design System and UI Framework have been created to provide a clean, modern way for Developers and Designers to craft cohesive, consumer-grade user experiences on the Now Platform. It is built using the latest web standards, including Web Components, and is designed to be enduring and backward compatible.

Also see the last video resource linked at the bottom of this page. In that video, Chuck Tomasi does a brief but good explanation of the rationale behind the Now Experience Framework.

When you’re ready to start developing…

This community article is a great starter. It walks you through getting your environment setup with plenty of specific instructions and screenshots to help.

This CreatorCon Workshop (from Knowledge 2020) is a good walkthrough which includes best practice tips and useful explanations of foundational concepts.

These recorded Live Coding Happy Hour (LCHH) sessions on show a few fun developers building a Now Component together, trying to figure things out as they go along, running into the same gotchas and challenges that you might run into yourself. They’re totally unscripted but it’s part of the fun!

Finally, this TechNow episode runs through another example of component building, led by a Now Component expert. While it goes through some of the same steps we see in the content above, I find it to be tailored to a more experienced audience.

Although, at about the 25:45 marks, Chuck Tomasi talks about the reasoning behind the Now Experience framework..