Women in the tech field are grossly underrepresented. The National Center for Women & Information Technology compiled information showed that, despite women making up 57% of the professional workforce in 2018, they only held 26% of jobs in the tech workforce.

The ServiceNow space actually seems to be worse off. According to the 2019-2020 Salary survey from Nelson Frank, only 18% of respondents were women.

What’s that to do with us? Well, we are the women of ServiceNow. A couple of them at least. ServiceNow has remained a male-dominated niche in a male-dominated industry. I’ve often bemoaned the lack of a female voice and regularly ask where all the women are. We are here, but tend to stick to the shadows. I’ve long hoped to see a woman come to the forefront, to put her skills on display with confidence.

Instead of continuing to wait, we’ve instead decided to help facilitate it. Here we will provide a space for women. A place to write posts about that one time your code worked the first time, the daily woes of supporting users who ask too many questions or the struggles we face as women in our every day lives.

So… who are we? What do we want? We are women who want to help and support other women.

Want to write with us? Send us an email info@womennow.dev